Off-the-shelf Training Modules

Betterfly Workshop Catalogue 2013-14


The Pedagogical Toolbox

þ      Master the tools of acquisition and transmission

þ      Optimize your own style of teaching within your organization’s culture

þ      Get into your client’s/trainee’s shoes to better understand their needs


Verbal Aikido (Conflict management)

þ      Absorb, blend with and redirect verbal attacks

þ      Restore a balance in conflictual situations or relationships

þ      Convert the force of an attack into problem-solving energy


Motivation in Action

þ      Tap into your clients’/students’ intrinsic motivations and needs

þ      Get rid of woolly objectives, turn obstacles into challenges

þ      Personalize learning goals to increase implication and success


Managing Generation Y (the internet generation)

þ      Give meaning to a project, provoke enthusiasm, develop mutual respect

þ      Create a framework with limits, roles and autonomy

þ      Optimize new-technology, multi-tasking and networking


Optimizing a group dynamic

þ      Develop a constructive dialogue-based approach

þ      Valorise transversal projects, encourage initiatives

þ      Choose the most suitable team-building tools for your group


The Hero’s Journey – A pedagogical discovery

þ      Understand the internal map of human goal-setting

þ      Facilitate the success of your client/trainee with a powerful tool

þ      Discover the answers that lie within through empathy and observation


Maximizing your teaching creativity and innovation

þ      Uncover the power of emotional goals

þ      Ascertain your innovation potential through visualization techniques

þ      Optimize collaborative creativity and collective resources


 Maieutic coaching

þ      Create a learner-driven coaching module

þ      Explore self-development tools and adaptive learning approaches

þ      Develop self-dependency and inter-dependency for your clients/trainees


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