Pedagogical Vision Project

Betterfly’s pedagogical approach was created through the development of a Pedagogical Vision Project (PVP*).

Our adaptive approach is an integral part of the institute’s direction. It corresponds to a veritable quality charter and draws its inspiration from Montessori and maieutics, which includes:

  • Student-driven learning
  • Elaborating and clarifying personal goals/expectations
  • Strong emphasis on developping autonomous learning

Whatever the products or services you provide, learning is essential part of your future and the development of your organization. Many organizations have not yet taken the time to anticipate evolution. Creating a PVP* provides an evolutive internal structure to federate and guide all stakeholders interacting with your organization.

Dynamic Adapted Learning

With the guideline that ‘Change is the only constant’, Betterfly’s learning approach is evolving permanently! Leaving the uniformity of teaching behind, we embrace the fluidity of an approach that adapts to the qualities of each individual, and to the characteristics of every type of organization (check out a fantastic animated feature on evolving education on our resource page).

The big question is: How can you tell if someone has truly learnt something? Traditionally, the acquisition of knowledge has been evaluated by quizzes, tests and final exams. Too often it seems that what the learner is actually acquiring is the capacity to be succesful in exams, rather than genuinely developping a meaningful skill!

Our approach has proven time and again that going beyond one’s goals is not only possible but systematically brings about the increased confidence to aim higher than mediocre learning (see testimonials). If you’re interested in dynamic adapted learning, if you want to go beyond your expectations, and do it in a positive environment… Contact us now to make a request for a customized training or event.

*The PVP enables an organization to clearly elaborate its pedagogical approach and evolution, as well as defining the specific learning goals (Return on Investment) and its own signature style. Betterfly’s ‘signature style’ can be best understood through what our clients say about us.

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