Mutualizing Pedagogical Practices
Luke fully took the time to understand the philosophy and needs of the institute. His workshops enabled us to successfully create the tools set out in the objectives despite changes in the team and planning constraints. I would not hesitate to continue to work long-term with Betterfly International on pedagogical development
William Birdwell, Director, Birdwell Institute - Lyon - France
The Pedagogical Toolbox
Luke is an exceptionally dynamic trainer who has an intrinsic knowledge of learning strategies and a -golden touch- with helping people overcome their difficulties
Ravi Meneses, DIrector, Business English Coaching - Canterbury - United Kingdom
Optimizing a group dynamic
Luke was made to connect people and to communicate a message. More than a teacher, I see Luke as an example of sharing knowledge and emotions. There's no better person to show how to express ourselves and fight inhibitions.
Laurent Leveugle, I&C Systems Engineer at Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear - France
Optimizing a group dynamic
His outstanding coaching skills translates his lectures into a new dimension, where learning is systematic and mostly fun!
Patrick El Khoury, Consultant @ Oliver Wyman - France
The Pedaogical Toolbox
A day in training with Luke is like a breath of fresh air - a moment to pause, exchange and reflect on our learning approach. It's also a shot of energy for the team of trainers that dares to innovate. Luke empowers us in creative teaching, now essential with the development of a new brand of trainees.
Dominique Dujardin, Head of training - Pole Formation Santé - Lyon - France
Maieutic Coaching
Luke is principally driven by seeing his collaborators achieve their goals, which they inevitably do! His motivational skills enable him to bring groups together as a team, and keep a high level of energy at all times.
Gill Dean, Gill Dean Management - Toulouse - France
Motivation in action
Luke has a strong ability to generate enthusiasm, to motivate and inspire confidence in projects and ideas. Knowing his qualities, I called on Luke to help construct a training project to motivate our sales managers and especially our teams. It had to be responsive and creative. Through BetterFly, as the name suggests, Luke will be able to give you the means to - fly better - in your job and business with expert advice and topped with a good dose of energy.
Séverine Mercier, Director, AFG Lyon - Lyon - France
Verbal Aikido
After training in Verbal Aikido I was empowered to approach conflictual situations serenely. During this training I was able to learn concrete techniques to use in daily life when confronted with verbal attacks, objections and criticisms. Today I am no longer afraid to -dialogue- with people who attack me verbally. Before I had no idea how resolve a conflict, but that was before!
Alessia Vonau, Managing Director, Diléal - Lyon - France

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